January 1, 2024

Alumni Spotlight Tour: Telling A School's Most Powerful Stories

Justin Kelly

We are thrilled to announce a special new program launching this fall: Alumni Spotlight Tour. This innovative initiative aims to help schools showcase their alumni's achievements and stories, creating compelling videos without the typical production costs.

The Power of Alumni Stories

Alumni spotlights are among the most engaging and effective content for any school. They highlight the journeys of former students, serving as powerful testimonials for current and prospective families. However, producing these stories requires significant travel and production costs, making it challenging for many schools to take advantage of these stories.

Alumni Spotlight Tour

Our Alumni Spotlight Tour program addresses this challenge by bringing our production team directly to various university campuses across the country. Starting this fall, we will be offering interview appointments that schools can book to have their alumni featured. Instead of one school carrying the cost of an entire off-site production on their own, schools only pay for what they need.

How It Works

  • Booking and Preparation: Once you book an appointment we handle the entire process. Each production day we will offer between 8-10 production appointments. We provide a questionnaire which each alumni will complete prior to their interview to ensure we capture the most relevant stories and hit the right topics. We encourage schools to collaborate in this preparation to ensure we capture the content that best tells their alumni's story.
  • Interview Content: During the interviews, we will ask alumni about how their school prepared them for college life, whether they felt equipped to handle the college workload, and who their favorite teachers were in high-school.  One key element we will target is if any lessons or ideas their teachers taught resonate with them now. The key theme we will target is how their school has influenced their educational and career trajectories.
  • Production: Each alumni appointment includes a 1-hour session (30 minutes of interview and 30 minutes of b-roll footage).
  • Remote Viewing: Schools can remotely view and contribute to the interview in real-time from the comfort of their office. We will provide a dedicated Zoom meeting link for each interview, allowing seamless communication with our production team on-set
  • Customization: Each video is fully customizable, and we offer unlimited revisions to ensure each school gets exactly what they need from each piece of content.

What You Receive

  • One (1) Full Alumni Spotlight Video (2-3 minutes)
  • Three (3) Short Alumni Spotlight Videos (1 minute each)
  • Five (5)  Micro Alumni Story Videos (20 - 30 seconds each)
  • Access to all raw interview and b-roll footage

We Handle Everything

We arrange all of the details with each university, including gaining approval for the production with all relevant university departments such as PR, Facilities, Communication, etc. Our team even handles communication with the alum, so you don't have to play the role of project manager.

Pilot Program Details

Our pilot program will kick off at Vanderbilt University and Belmont University during the week of September 23rd-27th, 2024.

Expansion Plans

If the pilot is successful, we plan to take this program on the road to additional campuses. While we haven't finalized the next locations, we expect to announce the next schools very soon. If successful, our team plans to visit at least 3-4 different college campuses per year to give each school the opportunity to have a diverse assortment of alumni represented.

Next Steps

If you are interested in participating or have feedback, please reach out to us directly at schools@fifthandbroad.com. We have also created an interest form to gather your responses and plan the program effectively. Receive priority registration by responding to the form below.

Fill out the interest form here.

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