Digital Monthly

A Fifth & Broad Subscription Service

A Turn-key Photo and
Video Subscription
Our team captures photo and/or video content every month for one low price. We eliminate the content production bottleneck by automatically generating marketing assets every month.
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Fresh, Dynamic Content

As the modern storefront, digital media gives businesses access to an unlimited audience. Having a strong digital media presence shapes how consumers experience your brand. In order to stand out, it's vital to have fresh, dynamic photo and video content to capture the attention of your audience.

That's where we come in.

Our team will automatically create new photo and/or video content each month, so you never have to worry about having enough content. All assets are guaranteed to be original, creative, and always on-brand. We want to remove the anxiety of worrying about having content to maintain your social media presence. With Digital Monthly, say farewell to content anxiety.


It's important for our team to understand what type of content you need. That's why we begin each new Digital Monthly subscription with a conversation, so our team is prepared to capture content that is useful and on-brand.


You'll receive an email each month, letting you when our team is scheduled to come and what they plan to capture. Changes are always welcome, we are happy reschedule or accommodate any specific content needs.


A 5&B team member comes to your place of business and captures photo and/or video content. We are always discrete and unobtrusive. We make it a priority to not disturb customers and work as efficiently as possible.


Here are some real world examples of how our clients are utilizing Digital Monthly to exand their reach and make a splash on their social channels.

Project Management

Project Management

We handle everything, start to finish. We take point in scheduling, ensure quality control, and delivering the files quickly.

A Turn-Key

A Turn-Key

Our professional photographers and videographer shows up every month, automatically. We edit and deliver everything quickly, so you so you can use them immediately.

Make Social Less Overwhelming

Make Social Less Overwhelming

We know the burden that is worrying you'll run out of content or don't have what you need for social media. This is one less thing you have to think about.

Generate Brand Affinity

Generate Brand Affinity

Our goal is to capture the beauty in what you do. We want to draw online attention to you and curate a first class brand perception.

Build a Catalogue

Build a Catalogue

Our team will create a bank of assets, most of which will naturally be evergreen. You'll be fully stocked with marketing assets both now and the future.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is Key

Committing to a consistent pattern of fresh, professional content will keep all online channels feeling fresh. This consistency will help your online channel stand out among the noise.

Project Management

A Turn-Key Solution

Make Social Less Overwhelming

Generate Brand Affinity

Building a Catalogue

Consistency is Key

Let's build your plan.

Combine any number of our service offerings to create a custom-tailored solution. Both plans are automatically billed and services will be rendered each month. By selecting an annual commitment you agree to 12 months of service but you are welcome to increase or decrease services as you needs or budget changes.


Check our our FAQ at the bottom of the page. Still got questions? Start a live chat (with a real person) by clicking the bubble at the bottom right corner, send us an email at, or just give us a call at 931-808-9539.


15 new photos every month. It’s that simple. One 5&B photographer comes to your business and spends up to 30 minutes onsite. You are welcome to make specific requests or just let us come in and do our thing.
  • 15 photos
  • All photos in high-resolution
  • 3 day turn-around
  • Available within Davidson and Williamson County (additional counties available via add-on)
Add Ons
15 Additional Photos (+$65)


Four new reels every month. That’s right. One 5&B videographer comes to your place of business and spends up to 45 minutes on-site. We deliver fresh branding style reels, each one will be up to 20 seconds in length. You are welcome to make specific requests or just let us come in and do our thing.
  • 4 reels, up to 20 seconds in length
  • Videos in 1080p
  • 3 day turn-around
  • Available within Davidson and Williamson County (additional counties available via add-on)
Add Ons
Graphic Text ($65)
Other Add Ons
Wilson County (+$55)
Rutherford County (+$55)
*Cancelation fees apply if canceled before the end of a 12 month commitment.

What people are saying

“If leveraged correctly, the medium will generate results even if likes and comments aren’t flowing in. Often times, businesses engage in social media and, when their numbers don’t explode, jettison the campaign and call it a failure.”
“Here's another fancy quote that is definitely really impressive. It's unbelievable how impressive this is.”

Frequently Asked Questions

 How does billing work?

Our system will automatically charge the credit card on file each month.

How many people from your team come?

We keep the crew to a minimum —only one 5&B team-member will be onsite to take photos/video. If you have selected a photo and video package, the same team-member will shoot both photography and video.

Does video include interviews or general talking on camera?

Absolutely, our team will have a lavilier microphone on hand to capture any speaking you would like used in your monthly videos. But be sure to keep this short, remember these are quick social media videos. Make sure anything that is to be said is clear and quick to the point so your audience doesn't scroll away. Our team will also add captions to any speaking, that way those who watch without sound will know what is being said.

Can I make specific requests?

Absolutely! We are happy to accommodate any special requests. We’ll always give you a heads up days before we come, simply reply and let our team know what you would like us to capture that month!

How will I receive my files?

We will email you all of the photo and video files via a Google Drive folder. Additionally, we are happy to accommodate any other delivery methods that integrate best into your current workflow. For instance, if you would rather us deliver files into another shared folder within your organization (such as Dropbox,, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc) we are happy to do that as well.

Do you all manage social media?

We do not manage social media (i.e. write copy, schedule posts, etc). Digital Monthly simply creates the photos/video assets for you or your team to distribute. If you need those services, we have trusted partners that we would be happy to recommend!

What is your cancellation policy?

Life happens, we totally get it! We are always happy to accommodate when plans and business changes. Rescheduling is always available and free when done by EOD the day before a scheduled shoot.

Do you offer any other cadence of shooting — bi-monthly or quarterly?

Yes, we can structure a content production pattern that accommodates any organization's needs. Reach out via to request your customized plan.