What We Do


The Fifth & Broad team is composed of individuals committed to helping others. We know the value in building relationships with the clients we serve, and each member is committed to providing excellence to the client every step of the way. Our goal is not just make sure the project is done, but that it’s done well.


Video Production

Most productions include interviews with leaders, team-members, and sometimes even clients. In addition, our team captures b-roll, the silent, auxiliary footage that is placed overtop of an interview to keep viewers engaged and illustrate the topic on which a subject is speaking.

5&B has experience producing:

  • External Marketing Campaign
  • Non-profit Fundraiser
  • Internal Messaging
  • Public and Private Education
  • Interior Design

  • Event Coverage
  • Keynote
  • Event Highlight
  • Concert


5&B is more than simply a video company, we also have photographers on staff that have vast experience in many different subject matter including:

  • Corporate Headshots
  • Social Media Content
  • Event Coverage
  • Food and Beverage
  • Hospitality
  • Architectural
  • Retail and Products
  • Drone Photography


We take responsibility to fully prepare and plan for each piece of content that will be delivered. This often includes outlines, ideation, and more which serve to prepare our team for each production and ensure a stronger final product. 5&B creates the production schedule for each production and prepares questions for all interview subjects.

Content Strategy

Our team has the expertise and experience to help develop a full-scale content strategy. Including createing high-level goals and objectives, a content calendar, and manageing the whole process.

Creating beautiful videos and photos mean nothing if they aren't utilized in an effective way. When clients are unsure what they need in terms of content on a micro-level, we are capible of providing the resources and expertise to help them develop a winning and effective strategy.


Naturally, most of the projects we produce includes some type of video editing. When we are crafting videos, we utilize our StoryDraft process to guide editorial to ensure the message is clear and the footage carefully curated.

Our video editors craft each video to achieve the objectives detailed through the pre-production process. In addition, as a part of the editing process, our videos go through a mastering process which includes color-correction and audio enhancement.

Services Include:

  • Video Editing
  • Color Grading and Correction
  • Audio Mixing and Mastering
  • Simple and Complex Motion Graphics
  • Basic Animation

Aerial Photo and Video

Our team has FAA licensed and insured drone pilots available to capture both aerial photo and video content.

Things we've captured from the sky:

  • Skylines and Landscapes
  • Architecture
  • Commercial and Residential Developments
  • Large Public Events
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Real Estate

A new way to work together

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships foster deeper collaboration with clients, driving enhanced creativity and productivity over time through consistent planning and communication tailored to individual needs. By removing content creation barriers and nurturing synergy between teams, we ensure consistent, impactful results aligned with organizational goals.


Digital Monthly

Our team captures photo and/or video content every month for one low price.
We eliminate the content production bottleneck by automatically generating marketing assets every month.

On Location