Creative content shapes the perceptions customers have of an organization.

Fifth & Broad is a strategic creative agency specializing in industry-leading videography and photography. Our goal is to create creative products that showcase your identity and strengthen your brand. Through every step in the process—StoryBoarding, Production, Editing—our aim is to capture the essential voice of your organization and let that voice speak to your clients. As our world has increasingly moved toward digital, it’s more important than ever to have content that articulates your story with clarity.

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Creative Strategy

This is ground-zero for every project. We believe that every project must fit into an overall strategy. A single project is only one piece of a much bigger picture that requires context. Each project should be working to fill out that larger context and meet a marketing goal. If sufficient care isn’t given to strategy the project has the possibility of being produced in a silo. And content produced in a silo doesn’t move the needle.

It is for that reason that our team offers this product. Our creative strategy sessions ensure that the content we produce will maximize effectiveness toward an organization’s overall goals.

Is creative strategy offered as a standalone product? Absolutely! If your organization is looking to bolster your strategy, or simply looking for advice from our marketing professionals, we are equipped and ready to help your organization.


Knowing the context of the problem is the foundation for creative breakthroughs.


Teams win—the best ideas blossom in groups.


Mapping success is essential for every project.


Creativity is powerless without execution.

When it comes to shooting video, our team are experts in the industry-leading tools that tell your story creatively. We have every tool in the kit, whether video drones, 4k cameras, Hollywood-quality lenses, professional audio equipment, and more. We are prepared to produce content that is of the highest quality.

All of the work at the shoot comes together in the editing room. This step is much more than just putting footage together in a slapdash way. We utilize our StoryDraft process to guide editorial to  ensure the message is clear and the footage carefully curated. Our video editors craft the video to achieve the objectives detailed in pre-production. In addition, as a part of the editing process, our videos go through a mastering process which includes color-correction and audio enhancement. This process ensures that the product is of the highest quality.

Our team has experience shooting:

  • Organizational Storytelling
  • Non-profit Fundraisers
  • Public and Private Education
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design

  • Event Coverage
  • Keynotes
  • Highlight Videos
  • Concerts
  • Motion Graphics

A single image tells a story. When we begin a project, it is our priority to understand your story—before we even touch a camera. Understanding what is important to a company and their customer is our foundational starting point. Once we have a sufficient grasp of of the organization’s priorities, we formulate a creative angle that guides our process. Our primary goal is capturing the vision of an organization, and to clearly communicate that vision to customers.

The first step in our process for a photography project is identifying key objectives. What is the client’s vision? What will these images be used for? What emotions or responses do we wish to incite in the customer? Understanding the objectives is crucial for a successful photography project.

When it comes to shooting the images, we approach the shoot with the learning we’ve acquired from our strategy session(s). Photography relies on capturing moments that convey emotion in a single still. For this reason, it’s critical to approach the shoot with a clear understanding of the objectives. This understanding shapes our approach to the shoot.

Our team has experience photographing:

  • Professional Headshots
  • Social Media Content
  • Food and Beverage
  • Hospitality
  • Architectural
  • Real Estate
  • Retail and Products
  • Event Coverage
  • Documentary
  • International Humanitarian Efforts
  • Drone Photography
  • And much more...