Strategic Partnership


A new way to work together

The Strategic Partnership Program (SPP) is a product that cultivates deeper partnership between 5&B and our clients. The SPP enables deeper relationships, greater creativity, and elevated productivity. Instead of work being performed in silos on a project-to-project basis, the SPP provides an opportunity for each asset to build toward broader goals. With each month, the products become more focused, more efficient, and achieve deeper alignment with an organization’s goals. Working in this manner enables work to constantly build on itself, growing closer and more efficiently each month.


Silos are Inefficient

Typically, content is produced on a project-by-project basis. Organizations typically bring in new content creators (videographers, photographers, etc) over time for various projects, and none of it truly builds on the other assets produced.

The way to overcome this problem is synergy between teams. 5&B partners with an organization to help ideate content, discuss best practices, create content calendars, review metrics of the media produced, determine strengths and weaknesses, and more. This program is ultimately about moving the needle.

Operating this way is ambitious, but we believe it is the only way to consistently create content that achieves consistent results. In addition, it is also about removing barriers many organizations experience when creating content. The SPP provides the freedom many organizations need to collaborate on ideas that help fulfill marketing objectives.


A Cross-Organizational Team

The key to a product such as this success is consistency.

One major key to the success of the SPP is consistent planning and communication. Our team will take the initiative to maintain frequent check-in updates, monthly meetings (either in person or via Zoom) to discuss ideas and content creation for the upcoming month and beyond.

The Strategic Partnership Program means various things to different clients—different organizations have different needs and priorities. This is not a one size fits all product. Instead, it is necessary for each organization to have a program created for their specific needs.


Frequently Asked Question

How is payment structured?

Strategic Partnerships are typically billed monthly. However, we understand that different organizations have different cash flow situations and so we are happy to offer flexible billing. This program can be billed monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or even annually.

What if I already have an in-house creative team?

The unique value in Strategic Partnerships lies in the fact that 5&B, as an external creative team, is able to offer unique insight from other like minded organizations, while helping to increase the capacity than currently exists with the creative team in your organization. Instead of viewing Strategic Partnerships and internal creative teams in competition, it is better to see Strategic Partnerships as enhancing and expanding the reach and capacity of your organization.

In addition, the price of a Strategic Partnership is comparable to a single full-time salaried employee, but instead of a single employee, you have access to a specialized team.

What services may be included?

5&B is a strategic creative agency that specializes in digital marketing content, and are thus able to help with videography, photography, copywriting, branding, and much more. If you have a need, we can produce the resources to meet it.

Is there any hidden or additional fees? (Video Equipment, Data Storage, Administrative Fees, etc.)

Typically, no, there are no additional fees. The bottom line of an SPs is that it includes all aspects of content creation. Items for production are accounted for upon the creation of the SP and will be clearly outlined in the SP contract. On rare occasions, specialized equipment, additional personnel, or other miscellaneous production necessities may be required and would be subject to additional fees. In such cases, our team is always open and up front about such situations when things may fall beyond the scope of the SP contract.

What is your storage and backup process?

5&B takes very seriously file management, the is nearly nothing more important than caring for files and making sure they are properly backed up. To that end, 5&B has a two layer system for storing project assets. First, our team has a Synology NAS server in our office, to which every memory card is offloaded. Then we have a cloud backup solution that automatically and consistently backs up the entire NAS when any new items are added. Additionally, most of the cameras we use record date to two memory cards in case of an improper write error or card failure and memory cards are not wiped clean until the files have been fully backed up and verified by our team.

What is the review and delivery process like?

After we have shot the footage and given a general timeline for target review date, we’ll work on the initial drafts we’ve determined together, and then send a Vimeo link to an initial draft. Through Vimeo, you can make comments, suggest edits, or make any other notes you’d like. We’ll continue to edit until we reach the desired outcome. Upon completion, we’ll send a Vimeo link for download for the final file.

Do you offer captions or foreign subtitles?

Absolutely, we do. We have a resource that allows for easy and automated captioning and subtitling. From there our team can burn-in or produce a separate caption file (.srt, .scc, .mcc, etc.) for you to use alongside the video. The cost for this service can either be included in the SP contract or be a service we provide outside of the SP and bill separately.

Are there limits on the number of projects?

Typically, yes. But this isn't a wholesale limit and its always negotiable when structuring the SP. While there is typically no limit to the overall projects our team will produce over the contract, the limitation comes from the number of open projects at one time. Most of our SP partners choose a contract that includes 2-3 open projects at a time.